Staff Associates for Ministry

Parishioners assist the professional staff with paperwork, record keeping, sending and receiving Letters of Transfer from other churches, and communication-related matters.

CONTACT     Printing: Marla Combs

Folding: Gerry Bettis

Vendors: Jennie Virgin

Supplies: Melody Smallwood


Staff Professionals for Ministry

Currently we employ two: Lori George is our long time Director of Music, and Melissa Turner is our new Associate for Communications.

CONTACT      Lori George, music

Melissa Turner, communication / parish office



Responsibilities include overseeing of the funds and investments of the parish, and providing the Vestry and parish with necessary reports, enabling decisions to be made in a timely manner.

CONTACT                       Mike Fox


Financial Secretaries

The responsibilities for daily financial matters of the parish are shared, making the volunteering-aspect less burdensome.  The Financial Secretary is the parish accountant who keeps the records of income, and expense, posts the budget, and reports to the Finance Committee.  A report, along with the Vestry minutes, is put monthly on the bulletin board in the hallway to the Parish Hall.  The Contribution Intake Secretary collects and deposits all contributions to the parish and gives a weekly report to the Contribution Recording Secretary who tracks all member contributions, and sends quarterly reports to parishioners so that they are current with their contributions.

CONTACT     Shrimpy Lee, financial secretary

Alice Beck, contribution recording secretary

Ed Virgin, contribution intake secretary


The Finance Committee

Members consisting of the Treasurer, Senior Warden, Rector, Financial Secretary, and several other parishioners advocate for financial responsibility, meeting monthly to review the budget and other finances and compile a report for the Vestry.  Also, each year, members recommend a proposed budget for final Vestry approval.  To do so, they invite participation from other parish leadership.  No final decisions are made about the budget until the fall Every Member Canvass is concluded.  Finally, in accordance with Diocesan Policy, all financial assets are held either in federally insured accounts or invested with the Episcopal Endowment Corporation, with a professional audit of parish and preschool books conducted each year.

CONTACT                       Ralph Maddux


Buildings and Grounds

The Junior Warden

The Vestry has responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of all church property, which is the Junior Warden’s particular responsibility.

CONTACT                       Ralph Coggin


Quarterly Warden’s Support

Because of the complexity and scope of the Junior Warden’s responsibility, parishioners with particular interest and skill in building-related matters volunteer on a quarterly basis to help the Warden.



Volunteers who love working with growing things keep parish grounds in a pleasing condition.  Members pay special attention to the upkeep of the Memorial Garden.

CONTACT                       Sandra Soulen


Gift Shop

The shop provides beautiful, everyday and seasonal items for sale at reasonable prices.  It is staffed by parishioners and located just off the atrium.  The Gift Shop is open for business most Sunday mornings and can be opened during the week per special request.

CONTACT                       Jeanie Rodgers



 CONTACT                       Melissa Turner


Sunday bulletins

Along with the order of worship, the bulletin also lists service participants, announcements of upcoming events, a current, ongoing Prayer Circle of intercessory prayer on behalf of loved ones, and the dedication of altar flowers given for that Sunday.

CONTACT                       Jim Wallace



This weekly e-mailing includes announcements for the upcoming Sunday, a calendar of events, Christian formative insights, and other items of personal and parish interest.  For those who don’t email, a snail-mail copy is available.  Deadline is Monday noon with mail out Tuesday noon.  Additional e-Messengers are mailed when required due to immediate, time-sensitive announcements.



An appealing and comprehensive, current introduction to St. Martin of Tours, including a calendar, background to the Episcopal Church, blog, and items of special interest to potential newcomers.  Lots of pictures are there, too.  Links to additional items of interest are included as well.


Facebook Page (Private)

This is a restricted page, however, all parishioners are welcome to join; call the parish office and ask to “friend us.”


Facebook Page (Public)

This different Facebook page is an example of how we use social media, including other platforms like Twitter, to reach out to all six generations that make up parish membership with news about and invitation to our parish and its ministry.


Sign Ups in the Atrium

Many ministries are advertised in this convenient and open space, and it is here that parishioners are invited to sign up for participation in parish events.


Hallway Communications – on the way to the Parish Hall

In this area are bulletin boards and a 4-month calendar of upcoming parish and diocesan events, including relevant community activities along with kudos about our active and talented parishioners.  Copies of the monthly parish budget and minutes of the Vestry meeting are posted so that parishioners can make it their business to “be in the know!” about parish leadership.



Building Maintenance White Board

Of special interest is the Building Maintenance White Board. Stewardship of our large physical plant and grounds is everybody’s business especially because, due to budget constraints, we have no sexton (the paid person responsible for such matters) on staff.  And so, we ask your help. If you are the last person in the building, for example, be sure lights are off and doors locked.  Parishioners who notice a maintenance issue are encouraged to make it their business and jot a note to the Junior Warden on this board.

CONTACT                       Ralph Coggin