ECW – Episcopal Church Women

This group is for all women, with meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.  ECW provides a wonderful and fun way for women to get to know each other, share in conversation and study, and work together in service projects for church and community.  Each year, amidst their other projects, the ECW puts on a well-received chicken salad sale. Just fun activities are scheduled too. ECW and the Laymen’s Group respond respectfully to the needs of adult men and women at St. Martin of Tours.

CONTACT                       Lora Finley


Laymen’s Group

The group meets on second Wednesdays of each month to share a tasty meal, good fellowship, an inspiring speaker, and a variety of projects and programs that build up church and community, as well as the group itself.  Members provide sausage and biscuits, with orange juice, between worship services on Sunday mornings.  They have provided leadership for picnics, social activities, and upkeep for the parish facilities.  During the Christmas holidays, the laymen have an annual fruit and wreath sale on behalf of folks in need.  Yearly participation in the DuBose Laymen’s Conference in Sewanee, Tennessee each August is a must.

CONTACT                       Chris Schutz


Senior Singles

St. Martin’s Single Seniors is a diverse group of men and women who meet on a regular basis to share food, fun, and fellowship. This group serves as an informal and natural support system for older members of St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church. Any single person over the age of 50 is welcome. Rather than thinking of this phase of life as just freedom from work, Senior Singles group members are encourage to view this time as freedom to choose what’s next. Permission to relax, go slowly and have fun is just as important as finding ways to stay connected with church, community and family. Recognizing the unique vitality, talents and wisdom found among older adults enriches the entire church community.

CONTACT                       Lou Davis


Joy Makers

This is a group of parishioners who enjoy each other’s company, with a special heart for the ministry of Pastoral Care, and a commitment to various ministry projects in the parish as needed. It is more blessed to give than to receive, the Bible says, and a joy to be able to do both.

CONTACT                       Pat Coggin