St. Martin of Tours offers more than 30 ministries that nurture worship, form Christians, support individuals, and reach into the community around us to assist in many ways. We welcome you to become involved.

Leadership: Ministry that Inspires Faith

Administrative: Ministry that Enables Growth

Worship: Ministry that Nurtures the Liturgy

Inreach: Ministry that Supports Parish Community

Outreach: Ministry that Loves Our Neighbor

Christian Formation: Ministry that Shapes Christians

Comprehensive: Ministry that Mixes Roles

Wish List: Ministry for the Future


Christian ministry is one sign of God’s potential to transform God’s world. Your interest in the particular ministries of St. Martin of Tours is our hope that you accept God’s potential for yourself. For underlying all that we do as a parish is what the Quaker author Parker Palmer calls a “hidden wholeness”. You are a part of this wholeness.

This wholeness, hidden in plain sight by the many distractions of living busy lives, is not perfection, not does it expect that of us. It is the choice that we have to embrace the soul of God, which is God’s love for us, and God’s love through us to others. God’s love enjoys the potential to restore a broken world. It also rejoices in the possibility that you and I want to be part of this transformative adventure, and make a difference.

At St. Martin of Tours, we shape this restorative wholeness and transformative love of God in its most distinctively Christian way, by appealing to the Holy Trinity, for God’s way of loving is a uniquely one-in-three way of loving. This way is reflected in how we organize parish ministry at St. Martin of Tours: God’s one love lifted to the power of three:

First, there is love of God, represented by the two categories of Worship – those ministries that nurture liturgy, and Christian formation – those ministries that shape Christian character.

Second, there is love of Self, represented by a category we call In-reach – those ministries that support parish community and all members therein.

Third, there is love of Neighbor, represented by the category of Outreach – those ministries that love the other, namely those living in our local community and world beyond.

“God’s one love, that is “Love of God, love of neighbor, love of one’s own being,” as brother Mark Brown notes, “opens us to that which is larger, that which is beyond the confines of our individual identities.” This means that because of this “beyond quality” of God’s love, faith can never be reduced to just one facet, or one aspect, for faith always speaks to the wholeness of a person’s life, to its integrity and unity of Spirit, to it’s wellness and health, as a love beyond intellectual assent, and a commitment beyond words. St. Paul says: “The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

In other words Paul is saying: my life is my faith. Therefore, I invite you. Respond to Paul. Don’t just look for something to do at St. Martin of Tours and then call one more commitment, sandwiched into an overly committed life, your choice of ministry. Instead, look for a ministry you can give your life to, a ministry that invites your potential as a person, a ministry that calls you to be in the nearer presence of God, as it was with Mary’s choice. Mary chose to simply sit at the feet of Jesus and receive, while Martha, her sister, is bustled about and “troubled by many things”. Seek a ministry where you can grow and nurture as a person, and finally pray for a ministry that calls you to step outside and to go beyond your self, scary as this might be. For St. Martin of Tours has the God-graced potential to be that place, which is your church home, where you can live and give your faith and love for God to others.

You are now going to be entering interactive space. All parish ministries, plus a healthy hope for potential ministry, are found therein. If you click on a choice of ministry, remember you’re not making a commitment, just yet, but letting us know that you’d like to learn more about this particular ministry, what it involves, and how it might fit into your life, after which, you may or may not choose to say yes. If you do, we’ll help you get connected up!

So use this page to let us know your interests and rest assured that a representative from St. Martin of Tours is looking forward to talking with you further.

Sincerely, Reverend Jim Wallace, Rector