Helping newcomers find their “home” at St. Martin of Tours

Ministry of Welcome

Sunday Greeters

Greeters make it their special purpose to seek out newcomers, help them feel welcome, and, if desired, begin the process of new membership. They are eager to help with orienting newcomers to the building’s layout, Sunday offerings, and liturgy.  Greeters invite visitors to        the after-service reception in the atrium and, if desired, use the occasion to introduce them   to others.  Greeters also insure that the parish office or rector has contact information so we can follow up with those who visit.

CONTACT                       Lou Davis


Pew Neighbors

Parishioners who worship regularly and who are willing to look out for visitors who may sit in a pew near their usual space, who help them orient to the liturgy, if needed, and greet              them after worship.  PN also insure that we have contact information for follow-up.



Ministry of Belonging

Inquirer’s Classes

This series offers an introduction to Christian faith Episcopal-style and to St. Martin of Tours for the new parishioner, or for a visitor who may be trying to make a decision about faith and church, and also for a long time member who simply wishes to update their faith and awareness. Usually the rector or another member of the clergy teaches these classes often with parishioner assistance.

CONTACT                       Jim Wallace


Sacrament of Confirmation/Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Both are sacraments of commitment or recommitment to a maturing Christian faith and to a personal ministry at St. Martin of Tours, and are offered by the bishop when he attends for his Annual Parish Meeting. If interested, see the rector. Inquirer’s Classes are a prerequisite.

CONTACT                       Jim Wallace


Parish Life Committee

Members are responsible for a variety of social events throughout the year and are responsible for planning and executing these activities.

CONTACT                       DeeDee Hutton


Supper Clubs

A wonderful way for parishioners to make new friends in a social context, currently Supper Clubs are held on Friday evenings periodically throughout the year.  Most recently, each event has been built around a particular theme.  Usually held at the church, supper clubs may also be hosted by individuals in their home setting.


Sunday Morning Receptions

Members volunteer to provide food and drink for the reception following the late service in the atrium. Biscuits, sausages, coffee and juice are avail between the two services on Sunday mornings, also in the atrium.

CONTACT                       Virginia Beckworth


Biscuits, Juice and Coffee

Food is also available between the two Sunday services in the atrium.

CONTACT                       Chris Schutz


Birthday Sunday Celebrations

On the third Sunday every month, all parishioners celebrating their birthday that month are invited to a special party on their behalf given by the parish. A cake is served and Happy Birthday is sung.

CONTACT                       Pat Coggin