[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Laymen’s group provides resources for the church, performs services, fundraisers and recreational activities to reach out across the church family and throughout the community as Christian service. The Laymen’s group is comprised of a cross section of men from many backgrounds, vocations, and length of time we have been in the parish. It is open to any man that wants to join us in a monthly informal gathering of fellowship, to discuss the ways of committing our time and talents to serve our parish and community.

Some of the projects we support or sponsor:

  • Annual Tennessee Laymen’s Conference
Laymen's Conference
Laymen’s Conference

This is the single largest gathering of Episcopal Laity in the world and is held at the Dubose Conference Center, Monteagle, Tennessee, in August of each year. The annual pilgrimage is highlighted by a series of interesting speakers, good food and fellowship, recreational activities, and in the celebration of Christian commitment to our role as leaders in our parish and community.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • White Oak & South Dakota Mission Work
  • Saints vs. Sinners Softball Game
  • Company of Strangers Projects
  • Christmas Wreath & Fruit Fundraiser

Our Mission–

To serve as Leaders in God’s Church and the World

and promote harmony and support

within our Holy Catholic community