The Rector

The priest in charge of a self-supporting parish is called a rector (vicar if the priest in charge of a supported mission). The rector is the ecclesiastical authority of the parish. The term is derived from the Latin word for “to direct”. The rector has authority and responsibility for worship and the spiritual jurisdiction of the parish, subject to the rubrics of the BCP, the constitution and canons of the church, which reflect how ministry is to be both mutual and collaborative, and the pastoral direction of his or her bishop. The rector is responsible for selection of all assistant clergy, and they serve at the discretion of the rector. The church and parish buildings and furnishings are under the rector’s control. The rector or a member of the vestry designated by the rector presides at all Vestry meetings.

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The Vestry

Members of the Vestry share leadership with the Rector.  The Vestry has a particular focus on the financial wellbeing of the parish.  Twelve members serve with four elected at an annual election in November to serve three year terms, beginning the following January.  The Clerk of the Vestry (who as secretary keeps the minutes), treasurer and assisting clergy are all ex-officio members.  Vestry meets the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:15 p.m. in the library.  All parishioners who may wish to do so are welcome to attend.

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The Senior Warden

He or she is the chief lay leader in the parish and elected annually by the Vestry.  The Senior Warden provides leadership for the Vestry, consultation and support for the Rector, and serves as a member of the Finance Committee.  Should there be a vacancy in the office of Rector, the Senior Warden, with the advice of the Bishop, and consent of the Vestry, is responsible for seeing that those ministries usually performed by the Rector will continue. The Senior Warden serves as the chief executive officer of the Vestry and presides at meetings of the Parish and Vestry in the absence of the Rector. Other duties include signing contracts, mortgages and other legal documents as authorized by the Vestry.

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The Junior Warden

As with the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden is elected by Vestry members, with a primary responsibility for the building and grounds of the parish.  (See Administrative)

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Vestry Liaison for the Preschool

Maggie Fox

Vestry Liaison for the Flower Guild

Bob Combs

Vestry Liaison for the Memorial Garden

Ralph Coggin

Vestry Liaison for Stewardship

Greg Poole

Vestry Liaison for the Joymakers 

Chris Lynch

Vestry Liaison for Parish Life

Cheryl Roddy

Vestry Liaison for the Community Kitchen

Sandy Soulen

Be informed about your parish

Annual Parish Meeting

All who are parish members are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting, according to the Canons, on a Sunday during the month of January each year.  The agenda for the meeting is also set by the Canons and includes the Rector’s Annual Address, a review of the prior year’s finances by the Treasurer, and a proposed budget for the next year.  Other matters pertaining to parish ministry may also be presented.

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Quarterly Parish Town Hall Meeting

Parishioners are invited quarterly by the Vestry to a lunch following the later Sunday service, during which time attendees are invited to select the topics pertaining to our parish’s ministry that they wish to be discussed. The rector chairs the meeting. Minutes are taken, and all feedback is returned to the Vestry for further response. The Town Hall Meeting is a great way for newcomers to St. Martin of Tours and long time parishioners alike to feel informed about the ministry and life of our parish. The meeting lasts an hour.

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Contributions to St. Martin of Tours

 Annual Parish Pledge

During an Every Member Canvass in the fall, all parishioners are invited to sign a pledge card stating their financial commitment to the parish for the year. Input from the yearly canvass determines the parish budget for the year. Parishioners are encouraged to use the automatic banking option when paying their pledge amount, as a constant and predictable cash flow is essential to the financial wellbeing of St. Martin of Tours.


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Open Plate and Non-Pledged Income

Other parishioners opt to simply “feed the alms plate” when they attend worship on Sundays. This is also an important source of funding for the parish’s ministry.


Memorial Giving

Gifts given in memory of a loved one or for a special parish project are thankfully received at the discretion of individual members. A series of designated funds in the budget track this giving. Recent gifts including a Kneeler’s Project, gifts to East Brainerd Elementary School, the gate to the left side of the building, and entrance signs.


Book of Remembrance

Gifts given in particular to the memorial fund are used for items that honor the names of the memorialized.   The BoR is kept in the parish office, and a record of this giving is maintained.




Consider leaving a legacy to St. Martin of Tours

Planned Giving Officer

Endowment Funds and planned giving programs are means offered by St. Martin of Tours for parishioners who wish to provide for its future through gifts and bequests; with funds intended to be maintained on a long-term basis for the support of the parish’s future mission.  Planned Giving is one of three traditional areas of parish stewardship giving. Pledging and capital giving are the ways of giving.  The PGO is to keep parishioners and others mindful of this opportunity for generosity, in particular, by inviting their active participation in the Endowment Fund.


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Endowment Fund

The Fund has been used to support a variety of outreach opportunities through grants with a minimum of $5000, and final approval residing with the Vestry. Contributions to the Endowment fund are encouraged.


Designated Funds

The parish makes use of these funds for long term funding of projects and areas of need. Gifts can be made directly to any of the funds per the discretion and particular interest of the person. A selected few of these funds follow:

Piano Fund… hopefully to eventually purchase a small grand piano for the chancel

Kneeler Fund… replacing the aging kneeler cushions at the altar rail

Outreach Funds… support ministry already generated by parishioners (Company of Strangers, Food Pantry, and Thanksgiving Fund are examples)

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