St. Martin’s Pantry

Baskets are provided at the entrances to the nave to facilitate parishioner food donations for the pantry, when the larder needs replenishing.  Donations of food are given to needy folks who drop by the church in search of assistance, or who are referred to us by Metropolitan Ministry.  Nonperishable items are welcome at any time.  Especially helpful are items that can be consumed without cooking, like peanut butter, canned tuna, and canned fruits.  The pantry is located just off the narthex in a small closet.

CONTACT                       Pam Mason


Community Kitchen

On the fourth Sunday of each month, parishioners, adult, youth, and younger serve breakfast for folks at the Community Kitchen in downtown Chattanooga, and then return to St. Martin in time for worship at the late service.



Mission Projects

Over the years, St. Martin parishioners have been involved in a variety of projects in the U.S., Central America, and Haiti.  Volunteers have worked in Appalachia in the community of White Oak, Tennessee, and facilitated the construction of a parish hall/community building for Native Americans in Parmalee, South Dakota.  Locally, the parish has supported Habitat for Humanity and currently supports Widow’s Harvest in Chattanooga.

CONTACT                       Dawn Schnitzer


The St. Martins Preschool

Offering a part time school year program for children, ages 1 through 4, the Preschool is now enjoying its 25th year and is blessed with a staff that is dedicated and well trained in early childhood education.  Registration for current students and active church members begins on February 1st of each year with most classes filling quickly. Registration for the general public of any remaining openings and for waiting lists begins on March 1st.

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Rector Discretionary Fund

The cash offering at both services on the first Sunday of each month is given to the Rector Discretionary Fund to help meet the immediate needs of needy members of our local community for food, travel, utilities, and lodging, and for other unbudgeted expenses. Additionally, contributions may be made at any time and are most welcome.  Gifts can be recorded on the donor’s contribution record for tax accounting purposes.

CONTACT                       Jim Wallace


Ministry to East Brainerd Elementary School

Sack Pack Ministry

St. Martin parishioners prepare healthy lunches three or four times a year for needy students at East Brainerd Elementary School.

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Parish Coordinator

A parishioner has volunteered to monitor the school so the parish can respond to immediate needs at the school… funding for battery-recharging equipment to help with carpooling, and a family in need over the Christmas holidays, for example. St. Martin is a resilient faith community so when the need arises on short notice, it can be turned pronto into an opportunity for ministry.

CONTACT                       Martha Sewell


In-Class Reading and Parishioner Initiatives

Individual parishioners volunteer at the school for such activities as going into the classroom and reading a book to the students, for example. Janie Frick is the Community Coordinator at the school and especially adept at facilitating this approach to parish outreach ministry.