The schedule for the BEGINNINGS program for 1’s and 2’s is as follows:

  • 2 year old classes — Monday 9-12 & Friday 9-2 or Tuesday 9-2 & Thursday 9-12
  • 1 year old ‘Baby Day’ classes — Wednesday 9-12

There are 10 children in 2’s, 8 children in 1’s, with 2 Teachers in each class. Our student-teacher ratios are below the State of Tennessee standards. The BEGINNINGS classes are taught by two great teachers, Mrs. Allison Creasey and Mrs. Andrea Lee. They bring to BEGINNINGS great love and affection for the children as well as invaluable knowledge and years of experience with preschoolers. Mrs. Creasey is also former St. Martin’s Preschool parents!

The BEGINNINGS classes are housed separately from the 3 and 4-year old preschoolers but have lots of storage for educational and fun materials plus access to the preschool materials and equipment. They also have a separate bathroom with a short sink and itty-bitty toilet. The BEGINNINGS playground is a fenced area within the larger preschool playground with equipment appropriate for their age.

The day is a structured program consisting of directed free play inside and outside, snack and/or lunch and Teacher directed time. This includes circle time, which changes daily and may consist of singing, felt board stories, reading books, music, movement, games, aerobics, dancing, puppets, etc.

Art activities are also a very important part of the day as the children produce a cherished ‘work’ as well as learn so many developmental skills. This is a wonderful age to begin working on social interaction, small and gross motor skills, relating to and verbalizing with other adults and children, sharing, following directions, testing limits and just having fun with friends!

The BEGINNINGS teachers make the school day very language and vocabulary rich as these are the ages for acquiring and using words and sentences. We use developmentally appropriate practices to address early learning skills through the play, art, music and language we do every school day. Our goal is to meet the child’s individual needs, start on the educational building blocks that will prepare them for academic success, foster appropriate social skills and help develop a good self-image.

The BEGINNINGS students do not attend chapel like the 3’s and 4’s. The teachers introduce age appropriate Christian songs and stories especially around the religious holidays. We believe that if learning is fun and rewarding from the ‘BEGINNING’ it will continue for a lifetime!

For more information about St. Martin’s Preschool, please call me at (423) 855-1011 or email us at preschool@stmartinsec.org.

Kathy McNabb, Director

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