10 April 2018

Preschool Newsletter April 2018

St. Martin’s Preschool
7547 E. Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, TN (423)855-1011
Website: www.stmartinsec.org Email: preschool@stmartinsec.org


I want to thank everyone who attended our Family Night Art Show and took home your child’s artwork, pictures and hopefully some good bargains in the silent auction! We really appreciate your support!!
A big thank you to the Room Mom’s for helping us with the class art projects and with the auction. I know you all put a lot of hard work and time into helping us! You are greatly appreciated!

We had School Pictures prior to Spring Break. The photographer will soon be getting the picture packets back to us. If you forgot to pre-order your class picture, it is not too late. Ask Ms. Kelly for a form and send it in with $15 your next class day.

Follow us on Facebook. Please search for St. Martin’s Preschool Chattanooga. Like and Share our page with your friends.

We will be working on the letters V, Y and N this month. Please send in pictures of items starting with these letters for our class letter boards.

Conferences for Ms. Owensby’s 5-day 4’s will be Thursday, April 19th. Ms. Brandon’s 3-day 4’s will be on Friday, April 20th. Ms. Leaño’s 3-day 3’s will be on Monday, April 23rd and Ms. Leaño’s and Ms. Brandon’s 2-day 3’s will be Tuesday, April 24th. We will send home a copy of your child’s Brigance screen prior to your conference day. Conferences are not mandatory, but if you would like to schedule a conference, sign ups will be the week prior to conferences. If these days don’t work for your schedule, please email me and we can arrange another day.

Please remember, as the weather warms up and we go outside more often to please send your child in closed toe shoes. The pebbles on the playground get in sandals and crocs.
We still have some openings in Beginnings and our 3 year old Preschool classes for next year. If you know anyone who might be interested in sending their child to St. Martin’s Preschool have them call the office at 855-1011.

Every year at this time, we seem to see the Preschoolers begin to express their individuality and independence. They might start trying certain behaviors to see how they fly. Some of the behaviors we see are taking toys from others, hitting, pushing, bossing etc. The teachers are always saying “Talk to him/her about it or tell him/her what you want and don’t want”. We want to empower the children to express or protect themselves with their words, and if this doesn’t work we encourage them to tell a teacher. We reward the good behavior we see with praise! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to me or your child’s teachers.

Weather Related Issues
As we enter into spring, we can see the threat of bad storms. In an emergency like a tornado warning, we monitor our weather alert radio, smart phones and the computer to make sure we know the most recent data. In the case of a Tornado warning, we will go to the main church interior hallway with no outside windows. Several years ago during a tornado warning we had to go to the front hallway. The children thought we were on a Bear Hunt. We sang song and played games until the threat of bad weather had passed. The children really enjoyed the time and were not scared at all.

Upcoming Dates

May 2 & 3
Spring Tea 11:00
May 9
Farm Field trip for 4 year old classes 9:00-12:00
May 22
Last day of classes for 2-day 3’s and 5-day 4’s
May 23
Last day of classes for 3-day 3’s
Graduation Ceremony for 3 day 4’s and 5-day 4’s at the Creative Discovery Museum 9 AM.